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Raoul's Rescue Mission, for narrator and piano

Follow little mouse Raoul on his adventure in which he's trying to save his baby sister from one of the most dangerous cats of the neighborhood.

"Raoul's Rescue mission" is a work for narrator and piano, based on my children book with the same title. The speaker in the recording is Richard Schletty who did a wonderful job! For more information about Richard, visit his webpage at

All the music is developed from the intro and the intro itself has been taken from the slow movement of my first piano sonata which, in its turn, was dedicated to the person for whom the children-book was written for in the first place (yes, I know… it’s complicated…).

For example, a single fragment (also called a motive) could have being used to develop a completely new melody for one of the characters or serve as accompaniment of a melody or to set the mood of a scene. This means that all the different character melodies are related to each other. Now… isn’t that one happy family!

The characters in the story are:

Raoul (the hero, a little mouse)
BabySis (Raoul's baby sister)
Mother (Raoul's mother)

Father (Raoul's father)

Marcus (Raoul's uncle)

Sewer (a sewerrat, Raoul's friend)

ComeOn (a large black bird, Raoul's friend)

TomCat (the enemy, a large cat

The music

Have a listen to the full recording of the work, narrated by Richard Schlettty.

In case the player below doesn't work, please visit this link to Soundcloud instead: "Raoul's Rescue Mission" for narrator and piano.

Raoul's Rescue Mission narrator and piano:orchestra - december 23 2016
Richard Schletty

The piano score

The piano score which includes the narration is available as a printable PDF at:


Length: 38 pages

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